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Art Traffic

Feb 4, 2019

Michael Nannery is an artist based in Long Beach, California. His prints, illistrations, installations, and communal activities deal with time, our relationship with the natural world, and much more. Nannery currently has work on view at Gallery Flux in Long Beach.

Nov 19, 2018

Adee is an La Based interdisciplinary artist born in Florida whose work is a "celebration of joy and black liberation" and about finding the balance between grief + celebration. She uses music, painting, and filmmaking and has recently collaborated with MOCA Los Angeles.

Aug 14, 2018

Tatiana Vahan is a Los Angeles artist and curator whose work is conceptual in nature and focuses on the relationship between art, the artist, and capitalism. She is the founder of the Bar Fund grant initiative and is currently working on the Los Angeles Artist Census. 

Jul 19, 2018

Gerardo is a ceramic based artist from Oaxaca, Mexico whose work is influenced by murals, graffiti art, and other imagery from the streets of LA. He has work up right now at the Riverside Museum of Art and is currently working on a body of work for a solo show in the near future. 

Jul 11, 2018

Mark McKnight is an analog photographer who strictly works with the traditional black and white film. Upcoming shows include:

Turn Into

Mark's forthcoming solo exhibition at the James Harris Gallery in Seattle Washington on September 6th


Group show at the Luisotti Gallery in Santa Monica from June 23st...